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I'm new at this game, I just want some good friends and advice on this game :)


My monsters ;)

Leave your BBB friend code below the photo on the list. This page comes near the top of a google search from MSM friends. Bound to get lots of hits, lots of adds!

Feel free to ad 1484871if ressespeices and add 4-(323()/245)/46$56Edit

  • 63199360MA Light torches every day
  • 17986471LD
  • 14613734HI and 18538002BA
  • 34790164CM
  • 22526469IH
  • 23491353DJ - let's light dem torches! :3
  • 3735950JE
  • 1985369KL
  • 1009473bf
  • 1876302JE
  • '1992561FJ'
  • 2395657bn
  • 2462697id :)
  • 23264436BK
  • 23309608ea
  • 1623309608ea
  • 39037282MC - I light all torches and like
  • 39640426LA
  • 39314470EK
  • 63482376FK - visits your island daily and light your torches and "like" your monster's music!
  • 73900735DD

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